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2008.06.30 by

Righto; first of all, apologies to the people who actually DID leave comments here but didnt have them appear on the blog. Me with my less-than-useful knowledge of WordPress and other things involving the ‘blogosphere’ didnt notice that I (the/an admin) need to approve comments before they’ll appear here.

As such, I’ll transfer the greetings and such that have been left there and, yes, this is Grimm behind the keyboard.

Having cleared that up emberassed cough, let me fill in the situation on sunday. She appears a bit more awake and a tad less tired than on saturday. Still a little bit of fever but she was at least ready for the idea of being able to watch television from her bed. She’s been helped out of the bed to sit on a bedside chair for a bit and she now has her NaCl, Glucose, epidural and liquid food now on one of those snazzy mobile rolling posts to get herself around the place. I expect she’ll be helped out of bed again today; more about that later today.

She’ll be happy to get some info from the london.pm crowd, I’m sure ! Again my apologies for my weak blog-fu.

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  1. Burlroad

    I’m sure that she’s feeling generally terrible but with any luck that should be fairly shortlived. I wish her the best. And again, thanks for taking on this task of keeping us up-to-date.

  2. Redhead Silvia

    Via cyberspace beam ik knuffels en de bestmogelijke vibes over *beam*** Deze alien denkt elke dag aan je !! Laat je idd niet opeten he , moedige taaie koekie!!

    Zal de updates blijven volgen ! Dank Grimm ! Ook een hug!! Je schrijfstijl is opvallend helder, nuchter,gevoelig en zorgvuldig en humorvol tegelijk , hulde~

    lieve groetjes Sil

    Als visite welkom is hoor ik het graag , ik kan me wel voorstellen dat het sowieso al heel druk is…en vermoeiend…

  3. Vicky

    Please send my hugs and kisses to Tannie. She is in my thoughts every day and I hope she will soon feel better! Thanks for keeping us all updated.

    Greetings from a very jet-lagged Vicky

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