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Plannerism planner (tests)


Earlier this year I bought the Plannerism Planner because I liked the idea of having a planner that helped me set goals. I used it for a few months and enjoyed it, but found the paper not working quite well with my fountain pens and ink. So I strayed.

I bought a Leuchtturm1917 Academic Week Planner because I got hooked on the columns. And Leuchtturms have paper that works well with fountain pens and inks. Both planners.

But that didn’t do it for me either. Sure, the paper works great, I get excellent shading, I don’t have to look at what pen I grab ’cause they all ‘work’. The drying time started to annoy me after the short Saturday / Sunday columns did. I have plans on Saturday and Sunday too, people! Do other people not do anything in the weekend? Of course they do, they make plans too (some even with me). I really don’t understand why planner/agenda-makers insist on keeping the weekend short, and tiny. </rant>

I figured, because I loved the Plannerism format so much, I should spend some times testing inks and pens and work out a system for me. I don’t mind having dedicated planner-pens, and as I colour-code my type of appointments I could do with a fixed set of inks. In fact, that seemed best anyway, just one red, one orange, one blue. Not switching them around every week. Helps me to not have to think about what colour means what. Saving some brain-bandwidth for more important things, yay!

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Doing some tests in my planner. These inks did not bleed through.

Plannerism Planner (2013)

  • cartridge Platinum Preppy Red.

  • Noodler’s Habanero.

  • cartridge Platinum Preppy Yellow.

  • mix of Diamine Sunshine Yellow and Noodler’s Bad blue heron.

  • Organics Studio Jane Austen.

  • ESSRI.

  • Bad Blue Heron.

  • Sailor Sei-Boku.

  • R&K Salix


Ch-ch-ch-cherry blossom


  • 20130628_151310.jpg
  • 20130628_151250.jpg
  • 20130628_151220.jpg
  • 20130628_151132.jpg
  • 20130628_151122.jpg
  • My preciousssssss!

I wanted this pen for a while and decided to treat myself to it. Its arrival experienced some delay (apparently, we have postal strikes) but it did arrive safe and sound eventually. And it looks absolutely stunning in real life. The photos don’t capture the shiny of the flowers very well, and it looks much […]




Needle Some time ago I started doing my own injections. The weekly trip to the doctor’s office did cost me too much energy, plus, I needed a bit more than just once per week. I asked about self-injection and they explained to me how it worked and immediately let me do it. After a few tries there, they gave me everything I needed to do the shots at home. I’ve had a few moments, in which I felt pretty light-headed and mostly thought ‘Why did I want to do this!’, however, mostly it goes pretty good. I feel proud of myself, I have conquered my fear of needles.