I got into a bit of a drawing-funk and as soon as I mentioned it, it got better. Funny how that works.

Recently, I’ve re-injected some of my focus and energy into creating less waste. I (briefly) participated in [Rodale's Plastic Free Challenge][1] (in February) and researched the Dutch recycling system. I found out that (according to the official numbers) we recycle 90% of our paper / cardboard. Not bad!

With plastic we do less well. Until recently we had no real plastic recycling facilities. Some cities do post-collection separation (like Amsterdam, where I live) and some do consumer separation, where people separate their plastic trash. Not much of this really gets recycled and they ship it to Germany to begin with (from what I understand) and incinerate the non-recyclables. Not ideal, but you have to start somewhere I guess.

I’ve looked into ways to make less waste (of any type, mostly plastic because that never ever goes away and burning it doesn’t really do any good either) and this morning I decided to start drawing the four steps with which I believe I can make a difference:

  1. Refuse
  2. Reduce
  3. Reuse
  4. Recycle


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