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Busy times.

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I’ve spent a few days away from my flat while my kitchen went through a demolition and a rebuilding phase. It still needs a little work. The back-wall will get tiled with hardened glass tiles (big ones, five in total) and the oven will go in the unfinished cabinet on the left.

We’ll also do some rearranging of the bookcase and the table. The table will go where the bookcase now stands, and vice versa.

I’ve used my kitchen for a few days now and it makes me very happy. The hob cleans easily, as does the rest. The drawers also work great (never again will I tolerate cabinets there).

Compared to my previous kitchen this one looks much brighter which makes it very nice to work in.

We’ve also installed a one-hand-mixer tap which makes it easier on my hands. It does look a lot like a regular handle, which I like.

My hands, wrist and elbows have given me issues lately, at least partly due to my (intensive) laptop use. I used to have this really awesome keyboard at work, and despite its price I decided to buy it. I see it as an investment in my body / health and I know it relieves some of my pain. Hopefully it arrives soon.

For the curious geeks among you: I bought the Kinesis Advantage USB keyboard (black, with Dvorak layout)